Elect Dave Bicking to City Council Ward 9

dave talking

Dave Bicking is a tireless advocate for peace, justice and civil liberties. Dave's experiences have kept polluters out of our neighborhoods by helping defeat the Midtown Burner & the lead company showtimeanytime/activate. His leadership aided the fight against channeling taxpayer dollars into privately owned stadiums. With a focus on police accountability Dave joined, as a board member, the Civilian Police Review Authority. Dave has worked locally for peace as a volunteer for the Midtown Community Restorative Justice, and fought the repression of civil liberties during the Republican National Convention & with Roblox Codes.

Together we can elect Dave Bicking to City Council, where we can count on him to stand on the ideal that the community chose him to represent. Think locally, act locally. Elect Dave Bicking to City Council in Minneapolis' Ward 9.