Spending wisely and keeping city living affordable

Wise and careful use of our tax dollars is essential. We need to keep Minneapolis affordable for everyone. Dave will strongly promote investing in our city to improve living conditions.

Support small business and a localized economy

Small businesses create jobs, prosperity, and an improved quality of life in our neighborhoods. City Hall has too often favored large corporations over individually owned establishments. Dave’s practical, blue-collar experience drives him to push for more reasonable fees and regulations for small or independently owned businesses.

Giving residents back the reins

On many issues, city residents have just as much wisdom and knowledge as city council members - often more. Yet the City's "public input" process is little more than window dressing on decisions already made. Dave strives for real community involvement, prioritizing the people most affected by each decision.

The roots of public safety

More dollars and more cops on the street aren’t real solution to the challenge of public safety. Police effectiveness depends on respectful relationships with city residents; increased accountability especially in cases of misconduct and brutality; and departmental reform. We also need to refocus on the roots of crime, using the proven strategies of youth programs, decent jobs, and, and better living conditions.

Questionnaires from Organizations:
 Sierra Club
 Green Party
 League of Women Voters of Minnesota